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Daylily flowers with a touch of 'blue'

Posted on January 29, 2009 by Registered CommenterJennie Sivyer | Comments2 Comments

The Blue Daylily


Photo: Destined to See by Larry Grace


Every top hybridiser dreams of being the first one to produce the very first 'blue' daylily and as yet it does not exist.  However blue is making its way into the flowers bit by bit.  Some have blue eyes in varying shades of grey-blue, lavender-blue, light blue and even navy blue.  Others may have a small ring of blue within the eyezone or maybe a row of blue on a multiple edge.

Blue in a daylily seems to be triggered by sun - so very hot places like Florida, USA will see a totally different bloom on the same plant  to what we will see here in the UK & Europe or even northern parts of the USA & Canada.  On the other hand when we are lucky enough to get a flower which shows blue in our cooler climate it is quite intense and lasts right through the day.  So good and bad !

Nevertheless, it is still very tempting to try these beautiful plants just to see what will happen in England.  I am learning to be happy with any blue I get!!  I have been sorting through my photographs from last summer to see how much blue my plants had.

Enjoy the following photos of my flowers with a 'touch of blue'.  The photos have only been cropped to size - I have not altered the colours in the pictures at all.  This is EXACTLY how the daylilies looked through the lens of my camera.


ADA MAY MUSICK by L Lambertson

I was over the moon with the performance of this super daylily.  This one I would call a rose-lavender with a definite bluey-lilac eyezone merging into a purple band.   There is even a slight blue edging to the petals with a fine white band outside of that.    Ada Mae Musick was well branched with up to 30 buds and it flowered for a long time.  The flowers were huge and measured 6.75" across.  Tetraploid.


ALL AMERICAN BABY by Grace Stamile

This lovely little diploid has 2.75" flowers and is just 16" tall.  A real treat at the front of the border or in a tub on the patio.  The patterned eye is layers of grey, lavender and lilac which is then outlined in fuchsia.  This flower gets much lighter in the sun to an almost creamy white.  Very pretty.



This 6" mulberry self flower began to get a bluey-purple double edge when the sun got really hot + a few hooks and knobs on the petal edges.  A very pretty flower.  Tetraploid


AWESOME ARTIST by L Lambertson

I wanted this flower from the first time I saw it - but the flowers I first got were nothing like the hybridisers images in Florida.  But as the days went on it became quite beautiful - in a different way and I really like it. It was a pale rose pink with smokey violet and blue eye above a bright yellow green throat.  The petals had an edge of a fine line of blue and then yellow.  It is 5.5 flower and tetraploid.  A cutie.


BABY BLUES by Grace Stamile

I only had 3 or 4 flowers on this young plant...and each one got prettier.  As you can see there is a washed grey-blue eyezone - and I can see light blue in there. It has a fuchsia ring around the eyezone. This flower is almost 3" and the scapes are almost 20" high.  It has a very intense green throad.  Diploid



 BLUE CORN MOON by Bob Selman

Now this one definitely had a bright blue ring around the eye.  The flower is lavender with a very intense yellow eye. The flower measures 6" across.  Very strong plant with thick strong scapes with 3 way branching.  Tetraploid


BLUE FLIRT by Grace Stamile

Another small flower.  It is mauve with a steel blue eye outlined in a fine line of fuchsia above a small bright green throat.   It measures 2.8" across and the scapes are 18" high.  Another little treasure.  Diploid.



This beautiful flower is 4" across and cream with a lavender blue huge eye and edge.  One of my absolute favourites and is highly sought after by collectors and hybridisers.  Tetraploid.


CANADIAN BLUES by Elizabeth Salter

This is another small flower at 4.25" across.  It is light lavender purple with a blue violet eyezone and small yellow-green throat.  It has quite high budcount.  The flower below is a polytepal bloom.



I love this one.  It is described as raspberry purple with a large raspberry watermark and white & green throat.  To me it looks raspberry purple with a lilac-blue watermark and white and green throat.  It was consistently these colours for me last year and was always beautiful.  Sometimes the flowers were recurved and other times wide open.  I have included a photo of both looks below.  It is 5.5" but appears much larger.  Tetraploid.




This is the famous diploid Crystal Blue Persuasion miniature with the blue eye.  It is only 2.75" across.  It is a pale pink-lavender flower with slate blue eye and magenta pencil line.  Some days it is bluer than others.  It is always a delight.  The hybridisers have converted this one to a tetraploid to help bring blue eyes into tetraploid flowers.  I have shown several different flowers below taken on different days.  Diploid.




DESTINED TO SEE by Larry Grace

I know this one looks too beautiful to be true - but it does actually look like this!  It is breathtakingly beautiful.  It is a 6" flower and a very pale pink with lavender blue eye and edge with yellow throat.  A definite must have.   Mine looked beautiful with lilac-purple Penstemon behind (see bottom photograph) Tetraploid.



DOYLE PIERCE by Grace-Smith

This is one I never expected to look anything like the hybridisers pictures from Florida - but it looked almost as good!!  I was over the moon with it's performance in the UK.  It is lavender with blue watermark and a blue & pale gold double edge.  The flower is 6" and the plant is well branched and budded.  What more could you ask for?!  Tetraploid.



FAIRY FREE SPIRIT by Elizabeth Salter

Another small diploid measuring 3" across.  It is a buttercream yellow with a lavender blue eyezone outlined in magenta and small green throat.  Another little charmer with lots of buds.  Diploid



FINGER PAINTING by Judith Weston

I am not sure if this one qualifies in the 'bit of blue' category but it has a purpley-blue eyezone.  It is a very pretty dark rose polychrome flower which is 8" across.  I suppose this would come in the UFO category.  Tetraploid.



I have included this one as it is a lavender-blue and has a very slight blue line in the double edge on a sunny day.  It is exquisite.  The flower is 5.5" and it always appears much bigger than that.  Tetraploid.



This one is a huge 7" yellow cream colour with some definite blue in the eye.  It is what they call a French lavender blue, it also has a slight lavender edging sometimes.  It has wide petals and could almost be mistaken for a UF form.  Very delicate & diamond dusted.  Tetraploid.



This one is definitely in my top 3 'blue' daylilies.  I must admit it did struggle a bit to open properly and I can judge it better when it is planted in the ground this year.  It is a 6" flower.  It is mauve with a grey-blue eye & a triple edge of purple-lavender, blue & green-gold.  The edge seems to perfectly reflect the eyezone.  Really beautiful and unique.  Tetraploid.


HINT OF BLUE by Gage-Carpenter

This is a blue-lavender bi-tone.  It measures 5.5" and is very pretty.  Diploid.



This is a small 4.25" flower.  It is cream with a layered eye of grey-blue, lavender and charcoal.  I have posted two photos below taken on different days and showing quite a variation in colour.  Tetraploid.



INNER SECRET by Mort Morss

Pastel yellow with multiple blue-lavender eye.  Very delicate coloration.  The flower is 5" and tetraploid.



JENNY BUTTERFIELD by Luddy Lambertson

This one was only a single fan so the only flower I had was not very good but I will post it anyway.  This year should be better.  It is a 6" in violet with blue eye and edge.  Tetraploid.



Now this one is very beautiful.  It is an orchid blue with a bold triangular watermark of lemon-chartreuse and a chartreuse-green throat.  It had consistently beautiful blooms which opened perfectly.  A real winner and very graceful.  The flowers are 6" across.  Tetraploid.




This one is very pretty and the blooms are even prettier than the pictures I took.  It is a peach-lavender blend with a blue-lavender eyezone outlined in red-purple with a lovely yellow-green throat.  It also has some lovely purple veining in the flower.  It is 5.5" across.  Tetraploid


LAVENDER BLUE BABY by Jack Carpenter

This daylily has caused a storm in 'daylily world' and has been used extensively in hybridising for blue eyed daylilies with great results.  It has also been converted to a tetraploid by Dan Trimmer.   I am very lucky to have obtained both the diploid and tetraploid plant and I treasure them dearly !  It is the only plant I have in both dip and tet and I was eager to see if I could tell any difference when they were flowering.

At a glance they look the same - but as you will see from the photos below there is a slight difference.  The tetraploid version seems to have a deeper more saturated colour and even shows a lavender-blue edge to the flower.  I have used them both in hybridising last year and have many exciting seeds to sow.

The flower is lavender-blue with a brighter lavender-blue eyezone which intensifies on sunnier days.  It is 5.5" across and is dormant.






This one should have gone in with my favourite UFOs but I wanted to add it to this category as well.  It is a 7" UFO which sometimes has pinched petals.  The colours are stunning.  It is a grape purple with a lighter purple-blue and white watermark with a green throat.  It is not actually 'blue' but I see a very bluish purple colour in the watermark.  A real collectors plant.  UFO tetraploid.



Another fabulous flower.  It has the open triangular shape which I love.  The flower is 6.5" and a pinky lavender with a lavender-blue eye and edge above a yellow-green throat.  Infact it has a double edge of lavender-blue and gold.  Delicious combination of colours.  This one opened very well in the UK and often had multiple flowers on one scape.  I cannot wait to see it flower in a large clump.  Tetraploid.




Another star of the show last year, this one just got better and better.  The first blooms had a quite narrow bluey eye but with each flower the band got wider and wider until it almost took up the entire face of the bloom!  The flower is a 5" pinky cream with a multi-coloured blue eye edged in fuchsia.  This daylily is also very fragrant and the hoverflies just loved it.  It is also well branched and loaded with buds.   A choice daylily.  Tetraploid.

The parents of this flower include 'Tetra Elfin Etching' and 'Tetra Seeing Blue' which are both converted blue eyed diploids.

The first photo below is of one of the first flowers with a narrower band of blue.  The second is mid bloom and the third is one of the last buds to bloom.  You will see how the band got wider and wider.




MRS JOHN COOPER by Larry Grace

This one stopped me in my tracks last summer.  The colours are so intense and saturated.  I cannot be sure but I am sure I read somewhere that this one has Tet Lavender Blue Baby in its parentage.  The flower is 5.5" and a beautiful deep lavender with a bright lavender blue eye and edge.  There is also white in the edge making it a double edge, it also has white midribs.  The flowers always opened perfectly even on dull rainy days.  Will look superb in a large clump one day.  Very special.  Tetraploid



A round flat-faced flower of 5" across.  It is a grey-lavender blue bitone veined with purple + a greyish watermark and green throat.  A very sweet and unusual flower.  Diploid.


NOTABLE NOVELTY by Elizabeth Salter

Yes, another Elizabeth Salter miniature BUT this time it is a tetraploid mini.  It is a yellow cream colour with a washed violet blue eye.  It measures 3.75" across and is absolutely loaded with buds.  Very pretty.  Tetraploid.



This is a first generation 'Tetra Lavender Blue Baby' offspring.  It is a 5.75" soft lavender blend with lavender-blue watermark eye and edge.  It is very well branched and loaded with buds.  Beautiful.  Tetraploid.


RAPTOR RAP by L Lambertson

A lovely purple with blue-purple eye and edge.  It should have white sharks teeth....but no sign of them yet just a white edge.  The flower is 5.5" and well branched and budded.  I will keep my eye on this one for teeth?  Tetraploid.


RIVER NILE by Steve Moldovan

This is a 6" lavender mauve blend with bluish grey watermark.  Very striking and bright.  Tetraploid


ROYAL ART by Mort Morss

Described as alabaster with a blue lavender eye outlined in amethyst violet with a yellow to chartreuse green throat.  The flower is 6" across.  My flowers had a thin band of yellow on the edge of the flowers.  This plant performed very well last year and the flowers looked good all day long.  On really hot days the flower was much paler than my photograph below.  Tetraploid.



Mort Morss describes this as an Indian yellow with a bluish lavender watermarked eye.  The eyes watermark is outlined with imperial purple.  The throat graduates from yellow to green in the centre.  The flower is 6" across.  The texture is smooth and diamond dusted.

This flower was a sight to behold on a sunny day and really very beautiful.  Another top favourite.  Tetraploid.




I was waiting for this flower with baited breath as I just did not know what to expect.  It is an offspring from the tetraploid conversion of 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' x 'Mysterious Eyes'.

The flowers started off quite disappointing.....but as the blooms progressed it was getting prettier and prettier.  Then disaster struck and the only scape was knocked off by a small child, so I never actually got to see how it would have ended up.  The broken scape had around 10 buds on it !!  Below is a photo of the best flower I got.

The flower is a cream colour and the colours breaking out from the centre are two shades of blue then grey then a lilac followed by a ring of fuchsia/magenta.  It has white midribs and a yellow-green throat.   This year I will monitor it carefully.  The flower is 5.5" across.  Tetraploid.


Pat Stamiles photograph

I never expect my flowers to EVER look like this!!


SHELBY'S SONG by Van Sellers

This is a really stunning flower with its bright yellow green throat.  The 6" flower is a bright lavender purple with a lighter bluey-purple eyezone.  The flowers always opened perfectly and it seemed to bloom forever.  Tetraploid.



This is a little 3.5" flower.  I have only had a few blooms so far, but I really like it.  It is a pale pink with a cerise pencil line and definitely some blue in the eyezone with a green throat.  Diploid



This one is a huge 7" cream flower with a clover leaf shaped eyezone.  There is orchid blue and purple-blue in the eyezone with a yellow-green throat.  This flower seemed to float like a huge butterfly and sometimes it pinched making it look very much like an unusual form.  It was also very well branched with loads of buds.  Very delicate and beautiful.  Tetraploid.


close up of eyezone



This one is beautiful with a capital B.  It is a medium red purple with a stunning lavender-blue watermark outlined in magenta.  The throat is cream going into chartreuse green.  The pattern is also on the sepals. The flower is 5.5" across.  It has good branching and good budcount + it is dormant.  A real collectors plant.  Diploid.


SUDDENLY BLUE by Luddy Lambertson

This one is 6" across and is a pinky lavender with a blue-lavender eyezone and edge.  I had some very spectacular blooms but never took photos of them - below is one of the earlier blooms.  I will hopefully get better photographs this year.  Tetraploid.



SYBIL'S BLUES by Mort Morss

I love this one.  It is a 6.5" coral orchid pink with washed lavender blue eye surrounded by red violet and a yellow-green throat.  You can see the eyezone softly reflected on the sepals.  It opened consistently and was well branched and budded and seemed to be in bloom forever.  Very very pretty.  Tetraploid.


TEXAS BLUE EYES by Jack Carpenter

This beauty has 'Mrs John Cooper' as a parent so it could be a descendent of 'Tetra Lavender Blue Baby'.  This was another one which opened well on most days, whatever the weather.  It is lavender with a lavender blue eye and double or triple edge.  I can see red purple, lilac and gold on the edge of the flower.  It measures 5.75" across.  A stunner.  Tetraploid.

Below you will see two quite different images taken on different days.



THAT AWAY by Hansen

This quirky UFO crispate measures 5.5" across.  This photo was taken on a dull day and it really shows up the blue in the eye.  It has a feathered pattern of purple and pewter blue.  I crossed this with 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' which should be interesting.  Diploid.



A 5" lavender purple with dark purple eyezone.  There is blue in the blaze on the midribs and bluey purple in the double bubbly edge.  Tetraploid.


WAY OUT YONDER by Elizabeth Salter

Wow!!  This one was definitely my most intense blue eyed flower of them all.  I did not expect it to be this blue so was very pleasantly surprised.  It is a small 3" flower - a pale rose lavender with an intense sapphire blue eye and small green throat.  There is also some very pretty pale blue echoed on the sepals.  Diploid.

I think for once this actually looked much prettier than the hybridisers picture.


WHICH WAY? by Pat Stamile

This is a 4.5" flower which is quite interesting in that it has an almost navy blue colour in the eye outlined with deep fuchsia.  You could see the navy more with the naked eye than in a photograph.  Lots of branching and lots of buds.  It is another offspring from 'Tetra Crystal Blue Persuasion'.  Unusual.  Tetraploid.



This is a pale cream yellow with a violet-blue eyewash pattern and green throat.  The flower is 5" across.  Intricate design.  Tetraploid.


ZEPHYR JOHN by Rice-Morss

This is a 7" orchid violet with a blue lavender watermark and blue lavender and gold double edge.  It is quite a stunner.  Unfortunately it just began to flower as the weather turned murky so I never really saw it at its absolute best - but I was very pleased with the flower below.  Lots of branches & absolutely loaded with buds.  Tetraploid.















































































































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Wonderful blog. Spent the past hour just wishing spring was here in Minnesota and that I could get out to my gardens. It's 2/26/2010 and
we have 2-1/2 feet of snow outside with temps below zero again tonight.
I wonder if spring will every arrive or my potted daylilies will survive
this hard winter.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPat Janos

this is a gorgeous website, thank you for going to all the trouble.
Is there any chance you could also subdivide it, and show us which blues are the rebloomers. thank you very much--diana

June 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDiana Paradise

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